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New Mexico Trade Alliance
The Vision....

Shirley Schaan, New Mexico Trade Alliance, Founder and President, had a vision.

"Why couldn't a community of people come together with others like themselves and benefit from the exchange of goods and services and be able to live a fuller, deeper quality of life? "


February 10, 2017
 Dear Shirley and members of our New Mexico Trade Alliance, I was just pondering about all the wonderful things, meals and times I have had as a member of this wonderful trade experience. My daughter Crickette and Grandson Skye were coming to visit me for the very first time and I wanted everything to be perfect. And it was thanks to: Grooming 3 dogs thanks Tail Waggers mobile pet groomer 1 mom Tammy's Edge beautiful hair style Car wash Rio Rancho what a beautiful job, like new Yard leaves clean up Yard Dogs, love those guys Reading for my futures outlook THANK you Teresa And besides all that getting ready for my family, I already have benefitted so many other ways. Below is a list of some of them: Weekend stay at Holiday Inn Express Original painting on my wall Pizza 9 House repairs A hide a bed couch and huge wall mirror Jewelry, cloths and a purse Christmas gifts Shirley reading and clearing What a wonderful resource and opportunity to take care of my body, mind and spirit. Kind of like a one stop shop! Sincerely, Rosetta Sanz A Natural Order

Let's talk about the Barter Store

If you login and go to Barter Store and look under "Store Directory" you will see there is not a lot to see.

 This is a tool we are not taking full advantage of!

We could have a great place to shop if we would all put something in here.

 You can put your products and service, a piece of furniture, jewelry, bike, power tool or anything you have to sell for trade here.

This could be a fun place to look every time you login if we "beefed it up" with items for sale.

 To put an item in here, click on "Add to/edit the Barter Store".

 Follow the steps and if you have problems, give me a call.

How Can We Benefit You?

How Can We Benefit You?

By becoming a member of the New Mexico Trade Alliance, you will have access to 50,000 local and online members
through our local, well as our partner international barter exchanges.

We advertise your products and services on line and at our events for other members and the public to see which
increases your visibility and business.

We help move products that may have been too long on the shelf and turn them into trade credits for immediate use.

Your New Mexico Trade Alliance credits can be used for advertising,  house cleaning,  dining out,  alternative health care,
parties,  massages,  car and home maintenance/ repair,  jewelry,  gifts,  stay-cations,  away vacations and ....
well, you name it!



New Mexico Trade Alliance
4101 Meadowlark Lane #131 Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Phone 505-715-2889
Authorizations ONLY 866-334-1265
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